2000 HALM EM4000 serial number FC6142  exc cond     available for immediate shipping as of Feb 2013 
in stock in Atlanta GA USA. also in stock a 1997 halm em4000 and a 1995 wide for color halm click on our main website to see pictures, videos and details www.envelopemachines.com                 call or email us to buy this machine +1-404-542-7171 or sales@envelopemachines.com 

click here to see all the 2 & 4 color Halm jet presses we have in stock in Atlanta, available for immediate shipping. AS IS and REBUILT like new

                    2000 Halm em4000 serial number FC6142


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2000 four color HALM EM4000 JP-FWOD-W envelope printing machine serial number FC6142. Very well maintained, with all parts and accessories. EXCELLENT CONDITION

This Halm em4000 four color envelope printing machine is in excellent condition.

It is a wide 4 color machine, and comes with a top and bottom feeders, maximum envelope size 9x15-3/4" (228x400mm) and can run at max speed of 30,000 envelopes per hour.

See more pictures of this machine by clicking on the picture link in the left, 

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For additional information about this press, or any other envelope manufacturing or envelope printing equipment, please email us at sales@envelopemachines.com or call 404-542-7171


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